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Yoga classes

•Do you need to make healthier choices physical and emotionally?

•Do you need to give yourself more time and compassion? de-stress and calm anxiety? 

•Do you want to join a like minded group for friendship & care?

•Are you pregnant and need some tlc?

If yes we are here for you…

Emma is a yoga teacher & holistic therapist , specialising in mind and body health and well-being. 

Emma teaches yoga and meditation classes from Manoir studio in Alresford, Colchester, Essex – ranging from beginner and gentle to more active classes. 

The teaching draws on several types of traditional yoga, transcending to anxiety and mental health wellbeing for all ages to prenatal yoga and development. 

“Yoga is my passion and holds a massive place in my heart and is part of my daily practice to help me feel spiritually, mentally and physically connected to my life. My yoga teaching is firmly rooted on transforming life’s and bringing the mind and body to a deeper union.

For me, good health and wellbeing means to be In a healthy state both physically and mentally. Staying physically active, eating healthy, allowing your mind and body to rest and your soul to flourish gives us a great start to a healthy daily  practice and a connection to Mother Nature.”

Emma 🙏

what is yoga?

Yoga is a spiritual, mental and physical practice.

 people have discovered a number of health benefits associated with Yoga as it does more than burning calories and strengthening muscles! it is a workout which involves both body and mind.

What is yoga good for?

•improves posture 

•increased flexibility 

•builds strength 

•boosts metabolism 

•increase blood flow

•keeps disease at bay 

•increase self esteem 

•improves lung function 

•help you sleep better

•well being 

•stress and anxiety relief 

•connects the mind, body & soul 


Optimal performance starts when thinking stops but unfortunately we are conditioned to think ahead attaching to our thoughts and day dreaming about the future or reflecting on the past. We take ourselves away from the present moment.

Yoga and meditation attempts to bring us out of illusionary conditioning and brings contentment & happiness !

When we are no longer slaves to our thoughts, bodies and external objects we are able to return to optimal state where the mind and body can work in harmony and we are not at the mercy of our thoughts and external pressures.

Please,Come and join us! Our studio is full of positive mental attitude, happiness, smiles, love & kindness. let us support your journey and start the art of living Now!

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu 🙏


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manoir yoga by Emma