The moment your skin changes. Forever.

Warm/ hot Waxing & Tinting


Eyelash Tint 20 minutes £15
Brow Tint 10 minutes £8

A tinting patch test needs to be carried out at least 24 hours before your actual appointment to allow time for any delayed reactions.

Full Leg 20 minutes £22
1/2 Leg 10 minutes £15
Lip or Chin 5 minutes £9
Lip & Chin Combo 15 minutes £15
Brow 10 minutes £10
Basic Bikini 10 minutes £15
High Leg Bikini 15 minutes £18
Brazilian 20 minutes £28
Hollywood 30 minutes £30
 Forearm 10 minutes £15
 Back or chest 30 minutes £20
Underarm 10 minutes £12



Advantages of waxing include: large areas of unwanted hair being removed, regrowth of hairs being finer and softer and the freedom from unwanted hair for long periods of time. You need to ensure the minimum length of the hair to be waxed is about 1cm so that the wax will easily remove it.Not suitable for Acutane, Retin A users or diabetics.  Sunbathing or heat treatments such as saunas and sunbeds are not recommended before or after waxing. Tips:

  • 4 – 6 weeks hair growth advised for best results.
  •  Exfoliate to prevent ingrowing hairs.
  • No creams applied 24hrs before or after treatment.
  • Don’t book a waxing appointment the week after your period as you’ll be extra sensitive
  • No hot baths for at least 24 hours after a wax.
  • Try not to use products on your skin once you have had a wax as the skin will be extra sensitive
  • Wear loose clothing when going for your wax to make you more comfortable afterwards
  • Some beauticians recommended you take a couple of paracetamol before your appointment to help dull the pain
  • Exfoliate the desired area regularly – you’ll achieve better results when waxed