The moment your skin changes. Forever.


Reflexology is a natural, complementary therapy which works on the principle that the major organs, systems and anatomy of the body can be mapped on the feet or hands.  By applying pressure and using massage to stimulate these reflex areas,  the reflexologist is able to detect subtle changes in specific points or zones on the feet and clear congestion. In so doing the flow of energy is restored, encouraging the body to heal from within. Reflexology works on a mind-body connection, treating not only physical but mental conditions too and is extremely effective in improving sleep patterns.

It boosts the blood and the lymphatic circulation, resulting in increased energy, an improved immune system, better circulation and an overall feeling of well-being. Reflexology produces a deep state of relaxation and can be used as a treatment and prevention for a wide range of illnesses and complaints including: stress, depression, respiratory problems, IBS and digestive disorders, headaches, migraines, menstrual problems and back and neck problems, to name but a few.

45  minutes£42

why not add a foot care treatment to your reflexology…

Callus peel pure hard skin removal

A treatment with an active softening mask  followed by a micro plane treatment.Microplane is the best foot file on the market which quickly removes dry skin and tough calluses in seconds.

30  minutes £30