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Indian Head

Indian head massage is a very effective treatment to reduce stress and tension, aid relaxation, restore balance to the body’s natural systems, detoxify and provide relief from a wide range of common complaints. The massage techniques used reduce muscle tension and encourage the removal of toxins whilst work on pressure points helps relieve nervous tension and stress. By helping to re-balance the body, provide effective relaxation and elicit a feeling of well-being, Indian head massage is seen as a great natural treatment for a variety of emotional and physical ailments. Indian head massage is an effective alternative treatment for depression and for emotional healing as it releases endorphins that make you feel more relaxed and rejuvenated; this can also help with insomnia and sleep-related problems.

Indian head massage is excellent in the treatment of neck and shoulder aches resulting from poor posture or sitting at a computer all day, and is used by many businesses to reduce the amount of staff time off due to illness resulting from these complaints. Indian Head Massage is particularly effective in the treatment of: sinus problems, headaches and migraines, neck and shoulder pain, poor circulation, stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, hair and scalp conditions and tension.  It can also be used a wonderfully relaxing pick-me-up if you just need some time to yourself or as a stress relief from a hectic lifestyle.

45 minutes £42