The moment your skin changes. Forever.


The main principle of homeopathy is “similar can be cured by similar”, a form of alternative medicine to heal!
This treatment combines a synergy between homeopathic remedies and aromatherapy essential oils. The pure energy healing complexes, used through massage enable almost immediate penetration.


Massage choices:

Betta Day Massage: Uplifting and calming massage that alleviates depression and anxiety, combats PMT and menopausal depression. Aids in general stress relief.

Sunset Massage: Relaxation massage which helps with low libido, sluggish ovarian activity, calms mood swings related to PMS & menopause, aids in strengthening for lower back, enhances female well being.

Vitality Massage: Energising, uplifting massage, improving blood circulation, osteoporosis ease, relieves back and joint aches, improves flexibility and enhances disc regeneration.

30 minutes £35
60 minutes £60