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Dermaplanning facial

Dermaplanning is the latest exfoliation treatment that removes dead skin cells & peach fuzz hair which leaves your skin radiant!

This gentle blade treatment causes no irritation, no down time and removes all facial hair .

This facial is quick, yet an amazingly effective alternative to other facial treatments. This is also the perfect preparation for an add on intensive facial like our anti ageing facial or bio peel .

Dermaplaning does not cause your vellus hair to grow back thicker or darker. Hair growth slows, within time, with further treatments & the skin will have a reduction in ageing lines , pigmentation and scarring .

After a dermaplaning treatment, your skin may look slightly pink for a few hours but this will usually subside within 6 -12 hours. Many people have no redness at all. Your skin may be more sensitive than normal for a few days especially to sunlight so it is essential that you wear a sunscreen while your skin is recovering.

40 minutes £30