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Product Price List

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Precleanse 150ml  £37.00
Dermal Clay Cleanser 500ml £52.00
Dermal Clay Cleanser 250ml £32.00
Special Cleansing Gel 500ml £52.00
Special Cleansing Gel 250ml £32.00
Essential Cleansing Solution 500ml £52.00
Essential Cleansing Solution 250ml £32.00
The Sponge Cloth £13.50


Multi-active toner                           250ml £32.00


Gentle cream exfoliant 75ml £41.50
Skin prep scrub 75ml £31.00
Daily microfoliant 75g £48.00
Daily resurfacer 35pk £68.00
Exfoliating face brush £18.00


Active moist 100ml £50.00
Active moist 50ml £33.50
Skin smoothing cream 100ml £54.00
Skin smoothing cream 50ml £36.00
Intensive moisture balance 100ml £61.00
Intensive moisture balance 50ml £40.00


Skin hydrating masque 75ml £37.00
Charcoal rescue masque 75ml £41.00

Targeted treatments

Protection 50 sport spf50 £32.50
Hydrablur primer
Phyto replenish oil
30ml £67.00

Concentrated boosters

Skin hydrating booster 30ml £57.00
Gentle soothing booster 30ml £50.50
Solar defence booster 50ml £42.00

Eye treatments

Soothing eye make-up remover 118ml £23.50
Total eye care spf15 15ml £42.50
Intensive eye repair 15ml £43.00
 Stress positive eyelift 25ml £53.50

Ultra calming

Ultra calming cleanser 500ml £52.50
Ultra calming cleanser 250ml £32.00
Ultra calming mist 177ml £31.00
Ultra calming serum concentrate 50ml £57.50
Barrier repair 30ml £40.00
Redness relief primer spf20 £41.50
Super sensitive shield 50ml £42.50
Ultra sensitive tint 50ml £36.50
Ultrasmoothing eye serum 15 ml £42.00

Age smart

Skin resurfacing cleanser 150ml £40.00
Antioxidant hydramist 150ml £40.00
Multivitamin thermalfoliant 75ml £47.00
Multivitamin power recovery masque 75ml £39.50
Map-15 regenerator 8g £80.00
Overnight repair serum 15ml £63.50
Skin perfect primer spf30 22ml £42.00
Dynamic skin recovery spf50 50ml £66.50
Super rich repair 50ml £69.50
Power rich 50ml £155.00
Multivitamin power firm 15ml £43.50
Age reversal eye complex 15ml £64.00
Renewal lip complex 1.75ml £26.50
Multivitamin hand & nail treatment 75ml £23.50
Mulivitamin power serum 22 ml £66.00
Daily  Superfoliant 57g  £55.00

Powerbright TRx

C-12 pure bright serum £86.00
Pure light spf50 50ml £59.00
Pure night £71.50


Clearing skin wash 500ml £56.00
Clearing skin wash 250ml £35.50
Clearing mattifier 40ml £47.50
Oil control lotion 59ml £31.50
Oil free matte spf30 50ml £42.50
Overnight clearing gel 50ml £45.00
Breakout control 30ml £43.50
Sebum clearing masque 75ml £44.50

Mens Shave

Daily clean scrub 120ml £27.50
Soothing shaving cream 180ml £20.50
Post shave balm 50ml £28.50
Daily defense block spf15 100ml £38.00

Body therapy

Conditioning body wash 473ml £39.50
Body hydrating cream 473ml £42.50
The ultimate buffing cloth each £14.50

Daily groomers

Daily cleansing shampoo 250ml £21.30
Daily conditioning rinse
50ml £22.25

Sheer tint

Sheer tint spf20 light 40ml £39.00
Sheer tint spf20 medium 40ml £39.00
Sheer tint spf20 dark 40ml £39.00

Skin kits

Age smart starter kit £48.00
Medibac clearing adult acne kit £44.00
Shave system kit £40.00
Ultracalming treatment kit £30.00
Breakout clearing kit £26.00
Travel essentials
kit £37.00
Powerbright TRx treatment kit £37.00
Oily skin kit £30.00
Normal to oily skin kit £30.00
Dry skin kit £30.00
Normal to dry skin kit £30.00

Clear start

Breakout clearing foaming wash 177ml £15.75
Breakout clearing all over toner 120ml £15.75
Breakout cleaning pore control scrub 75ml £15.75
Oil clearing matte moisturiser spf15 60ml £18.75
Breakout clearing emergency spot fix 9ml £15.75
Soothinghydratinglotion  60ml £18.75

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